The Durability of Polyester, the Comfort of Cotton and the Drape of Rayon.


We at 1947IND believe that 'When you know your clothes are made well, are comfortable and fit your style, you will instantly gain more confidence.' Our t-shirts are only produced from the blend of three different types of thread, known as the TRI-BLEND Fabric. This ingenious material has the 'durability of Polyester, the comfort of Cotton, and the drape of Rayon' and it feels really soft on the bodice. The added rayon and the polyester give tri-blend t-shirts a little bit of stretch along with the added softness, making them incredibly comfortable to wear. Rayon was a fabric that was initially created as a substitute for silk that permits the skin to breathe effortlessly and falls seamlessly on the body. 
Our products showcase multi-coloured water-based print with minimal, clean and elegant design. Tri-Blend makes it more comfortable, durable, and functional for all casual and athletic occasions. Polyester, of course, lends qualities like resiliency and durability to the mix, as well as it having great wicking ability, keeping the wearer cool and dry. A high polyester content allows tri-blend material to be light and airy while still surprisingly sturdy
Tri-blend material makes the best-coloured mélange t-shirt's. This fabric creates a clean vintage, fitted look. The extreme durability makes these tees withstand repeated washings and remain super comfortable and last longer!  It’s not a psychologist’s secret that when you dress well it positively affects your mood.
Wear good and feel good!

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