How to look after your T-Shirts

How to look after your T-Shirts

From an old T-shirt purchased as a souvenir in another country to your everyday necessities, the proper care and maintenance of your T-shirts can keep their colours brilliant and extend their shelf life!

Here’s a list of handy tips to keep your T-shirts looking like new:

  • Do not wear these T-shirts to sleep
    Sleeping in your shirts might lead them to expand, reducing the dress's dressability.
  • Do not wash with harsh chemicals
    Use as little detergent and other chemicals as possible while washing your clothes. You might also experiment with natural alternatives such as 'Baking Soda.'
  • Avoid hanging tees, fold them instead
    There's no question that hanging them minimises the possibility of wrinkles, but it may also cause your shirts to expand and lose form over time!
  • Do not sun-dry the tees
    Let them dry in the shade! This helps to maintain the colour of the clothing fresh and brilliant for a longer period of time
  • Prefer hand wash over machine
    If you use the machine, choose a gentle wash cycle. Both procedures should be washed with cold water. 
  • Do not iron with high heat
    Excessive heat on clothing removes its vitality. When ironing, use a milder setting and keep the tees folded in your closet.

We at 1947 IND believe that choosing a durable fabric and devoting a little time to its upkeep is healthier for you and the environment! 

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