Who are we?

We are an amalgamation of the cities we have lived in, the histories of our ancestors and the cultures of our beloved.

We embody the infinite stories in our spirits and carry the tales within our hearts and bodies.

Embrace your city pride with 1947IND. 

Carry your symbols, styles and creativity with comfortable streetwear. 

We respect the innumerable stories that speak of your heritage, engraved into the walls of your cities and souls of the folks. 

We design styles and create narratives that speak of love and pride for your cities.

From Delhi to Mumbai, Hyderabad to Kochi, and Bengaluru to Chennai - a range of premium quality city merch that lets you carry your pride with strength, passion and ease.

Celebrate your city pride. 

Our merch is made to infuse the essence of subcultures and art from different cities.

Our premium streetwear edge exemplifies the raw city life and weaves the spirit of freedom into your clothing - keeping it real and honest. 

Wear your city pride. 

#TakePride #TalkStreet


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