1947IND Goes Live

1947IND Goes Live

The 1947IND Recital

1947IND® is a premium street-wear clothing brand/studio based out of Bengaluru, Karnataka, creating exceptional quality lifestyle merchandise at reasonable price points.

We started as a Tourism and Hospitality based company that focused on creating and extending the touristic value of Indian cities. This is when we saw the lack of ‘City Pride’ based merchandise and utilized the opportunity to launch a brand that strives to celebrate the thought of Indian-ness / Being Indian through our products!


Our brand focuses on producing premium apparel that supports and celebrate the subcultures that thrive in the metropolitan Indian cities. We have endeavoured to participate and celebrate our Indian vibrant art and culture. 
 We are here to celebrate the urban art, music, fashion and metropolitan lifestyle that thrives in our Indian Cities.

Celebrate your INDependence

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